Dream Log-Tsunami

I’ve been meaning to create a virtual dream log-since I tend to have some predilections and strange predictions…some of which come true. This scares me, and yet comforts me somehow. Maybe I can keep a running log of events before they happen? tsunami

Last night I had a dream (mixed in with several others) about a tsunami hitting-I was there, and so were several of my family members. It hit at least two different places, and I want to say it was tropical.  There was high pitched screaming-doors slamming. I couldn’t get the key in the door in time to open it, which was good. There was someone trapped in the room and the glass shattered and luckily I was blocked, but they were not. I was not screaming. It was pretty vivid, and yet distant.

There have been several odd and terrifying water dreams in the past-I think it might be the only thing I am truly afraid of. Water is the most powerful force here on earth, and as much as I love weather, I don’t know if I would be keen on seeing a giant wave.

Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011: massive tsunami, engulfing a residential area in Natori, Japan, on March 11, 2011

Maybe. I will leave it at that.

Looks like its all clear?! NOAA

New Zealand Tsunami

I have food. Everyday. What about you?

Some people don’t eat.

Some don’t have food every single day-not even one thing.

Can you imagine this? FORGET WHY or WHY NOT.

People are talking about peace-how the hell can you be peaceful when your biology is demanding sustenance?

Don’t be “hangry” see below.


Like that Snicker’s commercial, you aren’t you when you’re hungry. My question is this, who are you then? Do we flip into robot mode (auto-pilot), or angry monkey mode?

When I was slowly reducing my food intake (starving myself-as fat people refer to it) I noticed one thing- my brain slowed down. I wasn’t as hyped up. I calmed down. Now, it’s hard to confirm this as directly related to diet because I was practicing yoga. But I wasn’t really more “bitchy” I was just slower (I was also taking Adderall). So this theory didn’t work for me.

“Bitchy” is the term used for hungry people? or really insanely aggressive and angry. Why do we get angry when we are straving? I doubt some people in this world even know they are hungry and need to find food-maybe their brain can’t function (lack of protein). Some humans probably existed this way from birth-never knowing what it’s like to be anything else.

I hear plenty of rude comments. Welfare, users, etc.  People have NO CLUE about the misery this world has to offer, (usually the ones who never eat leftovers and say sarcastic comments such as “I better eat this excess food on my plate-there ARE starving children in Africa”). I kinda want to educate and help. I also want to bitch slap the hell out of them, and also argue about birth control in the first place…blah blah blah, too late. Breeders are breeders.

If more people are satiated and ready to begin a day on a good note, we might get somewhere. Obviously this IS a foreign concept to many people.

This holiday season, if you happen to pick up some extra’s at your local market (sale or whatever) remind yourself to get some staples for others. Here in America it might put a smile on your face to buy some peanut butter/soy butter/canned beans/veggies/and other non-perishables. Drop them off at the food bank or a church or something! Make sure it’s prepackaged though, a lot of people are leary of made food. It does feel weird at first, but its simple. And then you can at least forget for a few months about the people born here without anything-regardless of WHY.

Local Food Bank:


Oh and stop being angry.  You are probably just fine? Hope so.

French Troubles=Everyone’s Problem

As much as I profess my dislike of humans (mostly actions), no one likes to see the murdering of innocent people. Everyone has to go, and it’s not fair at all to be taken out by another human. Terrorist or not.

Last week reminded me of those who REALLY HATE humans, and how difficult it is to “stay positive”.  France is an easy target-they are open-minded (in general) and value the full spectrum of human existence. Can you blame the backward individuals who can’t grasp this concept for lashing out against it? How fearful are terrorists anyway?

I am choosing to ignore the comments I see on Facebook and other social media outlets (which I have unwillingly rejoined), exclaiming and posting the classic Islamophobia and other in-sensitivities. Mostly from my local redneck friends, aka Americans.  LOL I love you guys too…but honestly they are on the other end of “have no clue”.

Having been married to a Muslim man and at a point in my life, surrounded, by Muslims-obviously, they are different. They have a mentality which is quite different (on the mild end of it), I can’t imagine the extreme end of it. Oh wait I can, heads chopped off. Trying to liken this behavior to something normal…oh wait I can’t. Unless they are referencing the old guillotine days of French Revolution?

Section from Britannica: “The increasingly numerous and prosperous elite of wealthy commoners—merchants, manufacturers, and professionals, often called the bourgeoisie—aspired to political power in those countries where it did not already possess it. The peasants, many of whom owned land, had attained an improved standard of living and education and wanted to get rid of the last vestiges of feudalism so as to acquire the full rights of landowners and to be free to increase their holdings. Furthermore, from about 1730, higher standards of living had reduced the mortality rate among adults considerably. This, together with other factors, had led to an increase in the population of Europe unprecedented for several centuries: it doubled between 1715 and 1800. For France, which with 26 million inhabitants in 1789 was the most populated country of Europe, the problem was most acute”.

As we all know, the wealthy strive to control and rule and become more wealthy. If this is some odd and misguided way of the poor and destitute to enlighten the world about how this is a problem-DUH! If you haven’t realized, we (working and middle classes) are doing pretty damn okay. I think? But there is an increasing gap (see Bernie Sanders).

Can we talk about class issues instead of race issues for once? I am sick of hearing about this. Seriously. The real issue here is not about you skin, it’s about your ability to live in a world that is brimming with shit (quite literally). More of us here now than ever, and it’s still the old black and white or brown and white. How about changing the mentality from color to quality?

Questions to ask someone who is a stranger to you:

  1. Are you a good human (don’t purposely manipulate and harm others)?
  2. Do you feel useful in your existence?
  3. Can you say you learn positive lessons from inherited belief systems (religion or spirituality)?
  4. Are your opinions, and/or personal views constructive?

I think I’ve heard it before mentioned, “do you have good news?”

Islam is the most prevalent religious institution in the world. Maybe based on sheer body count, not preference. I never really hear about anyone converting from Islam to anything else. I would like to think it’s the end of the road…although it does happen. Everyone can get extreme, and people get extreme when they live without anything while the rest of the world sits around and discusses it.

Trust me, some day there will be peace and no one will know what to do with themselves. Still over here wondering why people are fucked in the head (pardon my French).




Showering-This Will Make You Feel Bad


I shower because it feels soothing and relaxing, and yes because I enjoy feeling clean, even if I’m not. Recently, I discovered one guy’s quest to reduce the need for showering completely. His bio-spray would replace the need for soap and water! So, essentially one would spray the bacteria laced (good bacteria) product on the skin and it would “eat” the odor causing and irritating bacteria (bad bacteria).

Ew? or cool? I can say I would be willing to try it. Maybe for a month or so…or out on the trail?

Shopping is Exhausting

So after years of wondering why men have that standard “look” on their face while shopping in a lady’s store/section…I get it. I finally get it. It used to be funny, entertaining to me a little too, to see that look spring up; eyes glaze over, and just dead zone for brain activity.

I loved shopping.  Not with hetero men of course, but by myself shopping-or with a gay friend.  Now, that I am educated on the exploit and waste that is the fashion industry (thanks cinemoi!) (LOVE YOU), I really feel bad.

One can’t help but pick up a shirt, with a price tag of $3, and wonder how anyone made a profit out of it…and worse yet, how much gasoline and resources were exhausted to produce it, get it to the store, and then to your house, to your body.

Shopping for travel clothes is daunting-and I am wondering if it might be best just to get like two things, and find random items on the way.

Still hanging on to the quality over quantity debate over here, so I am mostly always just trying to get the best. I don’t know how practical it is to get $30 underwear, but it might be highly essential to get an excellent raincoat.

Glazed look.


The Earthen Mother Figure & Shallow Hal

Majoring in art and sitting through plenty of classes about art history and the evolution of human interpretations of beauty has made me realize how much we have truly changed over several thousand years.  The earthen mother figure, if you are not familiar, is a rounded and “large figured” feminine example of the supreme reproducer. Versions of this figure have been found all over the world and in numerous civilizations. Humans assessed fertility and value by a women’s large and rounded breasts, hips, and “rolls” of voluptuousness. Having extra bits and shape In modern times is viewed in many different ways-mostly negatively. As a plus sized woman, and a human who is clinically described as over-weight, Shallow Hal made me feel great about being me. This of course is an exaggerated tale of weight, perception and inner beauty, but still shows how views have evolved over time.

As society is not solely filled with women who choose to reproduce, we do not see women as fertile plush mother’s, but thin, bendy sexual objects. Everyone knows this. I wonder if we might revert to see the earthen mother as beautiful and full of health once more, or just as ugly obesity?

Mail Order Catalogs-SO much paper!

Being home during prime mail delivery hours affords me ample time to think. This is as filled with benefits as it is with drawbacks. I am able to get the mail and ponder life’s great mysteries, as well as work on whatever creative endeavor I want to work on, but it also allows for a lot of worrying. Not only just worry for myself and my personal impact, but about society’s impact.

At this household, we don’t get the published local newspaper everyday-I think it is bi-weekly now. Nonetheless, the swarm of delivered magazines and junk mail is unbelievable. These direct mail catalogs are seriously a huge majority of the blame. For the baby boomers and older-it is a normal way of life to receive these bibles of frivolous. I wonder if people have to be reminded of shopping by sending/getting hoards of printed page, or if they would naturally know what they needed to purchase? Ahh, advertising and marketing!

Being a print designer, I naturally analyze whats being sent and get depressed because I have decided not to participate. It’s my favorite thing in the whole world, but it’s pretty much a huge waste. More capitalism.  I try to explain the impact, but it’s still a billion dollar a year industry. Those who are my age probably really do try to curb their shopping habits-or at least don’t really ever even look at too many true print pieces.

Maybe it will decrease in the next few years?

So, remember to teach your grandparents and parents how to shop online, and opt out of mail order catalog’s via the internet. Recycle or have camp fire fodder with what you do receive in the mail.

Beginning of Winter Here-Beginning of Summer There

Instead of bracing for the cold of Maryland this upcoming season, I have decided to take a few months to travel. The southern hemisphere is a good start, and obviously if you have read previous posts you would have known I am heading to New Zealand. Great air quality, nice diverse mix of people, and BEAUTIFUL scenery. Plus, LOTR stuff. Bonus.

But I can’t help to feel slightly guilty leaving the chickens here to freeze. I’m sure at least one or two will perish as they are just fragile. I know they are just birds, but I raised them and eat their delicious children everyday.

I mean…chickens are invaluable friends…they don’t talk shit, or ask for favors, and they deliver me food.  Sure they have chickens in NZ, but it just won’t be the same.

Missing/skipping Turkey Day and X-Mas and all other seasonal holidays. Also hoping to be doing something wild for my 30th in January…just to be abroad is pretty cool enough!

It’s Halloween-Again:)

In honor of the celebration of lost souls and spirits, I will share some of my most favorite artists-who happen to be spooky anyway.  Pardon the internet photos, they are not as accurate as the real images. Listed by date (oldest first).

  1.  1586 El Greco The Burial of Count Orgoz (below)http://www.el-greco-foundation.org/The-Burial-of-Count-Orgaz.jpg
  2.  1819-23 Goya Saturn Devouring One of His Children (below)http://i1.wp.com/uploads8.wikipaintings.org/images/francisco-goya/saturn-devouring-one-of-his-children-1823.jpg?w=720#q=Minecraft%20Blood%20Altar%20Feed%20The%20Beast%20Wiki
  3. 1874 Whistler Nocturne in Black & Gold-The Falling Rocket (below)http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/d3/96/14/d3961449e1a54d7799296bf2717e6d8c.jpg
  4. 1888-91 Ryder Siegfried & the Rhine Maidens (below)http://b-moviestar.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/ryder_siegfriedandtherhinemaidens.jpg
  5. 1934-35 Pollock Going West(below)http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-GD-liPP5jQ0/TtK5bIdgX0I/AAAAAAAAAiQ/XWmbLxsj9gY/s1600/g006_pollock_going_west.jpg

Happy Halloween!

PC Terms Relating to Immigrants

Although Hispanic can refer to a person of Spanish (European origin) it does not mean someone is Latino.

Latino refers to those who are from Latin American countries. Someone from Mexico, or of Mexican origin, is referred to as Chicano.

Anyone speaking Spanish can be grouped in the term “Hispanic”. Because there are so many variations of indigenous people and immigrants and European’s mixed together-Hispanic is okay to use for it’s unification of those who SPEAK SPANISH-Regardless of the dialects and slang coming from each individual area.


(Chicano) Mexican

(Latino)     Latin America (I am saying all Central & South America other than Mexico)

(Hispanic)European Origin &/or Spanish Speaking